About Us

Kreate Kindness believes, “Kindness that starts with you and seeks greater heights.” Following the austere values of the company, we inspire kindness in the community.

With an inclination toward education and helping others improve their academic performance, Kreate Kindness is built by an enthusiast on a mission to spread kindness in the classroom. We seek to motivate teachers and students towards a pragmatic academic environment that helps teachers and kids smile and learn more. As a teacher and student-driven brand, Kreate Kindness is exhilarating to embark on a special journey towards a better and brighter future—join us and spread happiness!

Kreate Kindness is in the pursuit of happiness, kindness, and creativity. We create an everlasting impression on our customers, be it, teachers or students, we cater to all education aficionados. What started as a side hustle to find quality products for personal use, now serves the entire community with niche-focused products based on teacher-related themes.

With an inspiration to help teachers and kids smile, we are gladly shipping across the world. For any queries, please drop us a line through our ‘Contact Us’ form. We’ll be more than happy to resolve it in no time. 


Since 1994, I have been passionate about education and helping others improve their academic performance. I believe that with the correct tools and under the right guidance, everybody can succeed in their studies. I also believe that we should feel good about ourselves while we do what we love! Or we should at least look good while we do what we do as teachers every day!